Reports, book and miscellaneous

Murphy-Bokern, Kalinina, O. and Barth, Susanne (2015)  Book of Abstracts from the International Conference ‘Perennial biomass crops for a resource-constrained world’. 7 – 10 September 2015. Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany.

Lewandowski, I., Clifton-Brown, J. and Murphy-Bokern, D. (2016). Developing perennial biomass crops for expanding European bio-based feedstock supply in a resource-constrained worldSummary of the Biomass 2015 Conference at the University of

WATBIO (2017).  Review of project achievements for long-term impact.  WATBIO Report 9.6.  

WATBIO (2017).  Abstracts of the presentations made at the Developing biomass crops for future climates. An international symposium organised by the WATBIO consortium.