YARA ZIM Plant Technology (ZIM)

YARA ZIM Plant Technology GmbH emerged from a German start-up company that grew out of a research programme at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. The company is broadly interested in the development of sensors for monitoring plant water status and thereby providing users with real-time data on the water status of their crops through internet-connected devices. This information enables growers to rationally control irrigation schedules based on plant water status calculated from the direct physiological data. Water status can change dramatically, even during a single day, and therefore linking irrigation directly to water status data improves yield. The core technology is the Yara ZIM-probe, a small internet-connected non-invasive device that measures relative changes in leaf turgor pressure, the most sensitive available parameter for detecting water status level and the driving force for plant growth and yield.

Yara ZIM supplies and implements the highly innovative sensor technology to WATBIO. In addition to contributing to the phenotyping work in the project, Yara ZIM plays an active role in guiding the generation of relevant commercial impact from the research and shaping the research effort from an exploitation perspective.

A presentation from ZIM Plant Technology is available here.