University of Tuscia (UNITUS)

UNITUS was established in 1979 and comprises eight departments for research and development. UNITUS has extensive experience working on Populus genetic improvement and contributes to WP1 by supplying Populus plant material and assisting in the experimental design. It also contributes to WP3 and 4 on genotyping and association genetics/QTL approaches/forward genetics.  It supplies DNA from Arundo donax and study the genetic variation in plants (putative clones) sampled from a wide geographical area across Europe. In WP6, UNITUS participates in the drought experimental design, data collection and analyses, and in the designing of questionnaires for socio-economic benefits of drought tolerant crops. UNITUS has also extensive experience in technology transfer and management of Intellectual Property of biotechnologically-improved and will lead WP8.

Dr Antoine Harfouche leads the UNITUS work in WATBIO.  Other members of UNITUS group are Dr Maurizio Sabatti who has extensive expertise in Populus breeding, genetics and genomics and has participated in several EU projects including POPFACE, POPYOMICS and ESTABLISH;  Dr Elena Kuzminski and Mrs Matilde Tamantini.