SweTree Technologies (STT)

SweTree Technologies (STT) is a leading company in the field of modern forest biotechnology, owned by researchers in public sector research establishments and four major forest companies.  STT focuses on four areas in forest biotechnology:

  1. tree growth and nutrition;
  2. selection and propagation of elite clones of non-transgenic spruce and Populus;
  3. developing genes improving growth (inclufing crop protection) and wood properties for transgenic trees; and
  4. biotechnological fibre modifications.

STT runs the most comprehensive gene-mining programme for trees in the world. STT has laboratories and offices in Umeå, Uppsala and Stockholm, and employs 30 people.  STT’s vision is to be a world-leading provider of technologies for improved seedlings and fibre-based polymers, and to provide the technical, biological and economical means to increase the preservation of nature in forestry. 

SweTree complements other SME partners through the direct exploitation of biotechnology products in forestry, and they play a leading role in delivering commercial impact from relevant research outputs.  SweTree assists in selecting genes for testing, clone these genes and produce transgenic Populus trees, analyse the produced trees for general properties such as growth and wood quality, as well as for drought responses (WP6).  The Forest Biotechnology group at SweTree is working with developing gene function knowledge relevant for the forest industry. This knowledge can be used for trait development and directed breeding. The group have successfully been running a large scale gene-mining program in hybrid aspen for a number of years. This programme has been directed to wood growth and quality and to flowering control as well as to stress related functions.   As a partner with commercial interests, SweTree actively supports the development of commercial impact through leading the consortium’s work on commercialisation in WP9. 

The staff involved are Dr Magnus Hertzberg who is a molecular biologist with 18 years of experience in tree plant molecular biology and plant development;  Dr Jenny Wikberg has is an expert in plant eco-physiology.


SweTree presentation to WATBIO.