INRA Transfert (IT)

INRA Transfert (IT) is a subsidiary of INRA founded in 2001 to exploit research results and to develop them into concrete business opportunities. The European Projects Department was established in 2004 to strengthen the participation of INRA and its partners in the European Research Area. It supports researchers and partners in setting up projects in response to EC calls and in managing them once selected for funding. Currently INRA Transfert manages over 20 European projects in research areas of interest for INRA: agro-ecology, food and nutrition, animal biology, plant biology, biomass, biotechnologies, mechanisms of living organisms, global food security and agricultural systems.

IT holds the license for Mayetic, a software tool aimed at providing web-based collaborative platform designed to ensure secure and organized information exchange within projects involving large number of organizations and individuals. IT also uses a range of other purchased software tools to enhance project management efficiency including MS Project.

IT is responsible for project management (WP10) as well as for contributing to the dissemination activities. IT brings tried and tested project management tools and methods to ensure the project reaches its objectives.