Geneticlab srl is a private company that undertakes human genetic diagnostic analyses and plant biotechnology research.  The plant research is focused on developing second-generation bioenergy resources (biofuels and biomass). Geneticlab srl was founded in 2007 and today has three main laboratories in Noventa Vicentina (human genetics), Pordenone and Trieste (plant biotechnology), a total of 11 employees. The Trieste plant biotechnology laboratory focuses on liquid plant cell derived biomass for bio-energy and bio-active compounds production, on micropropagation of biomass and biofuel field crops (Jatropha curcas, Arundo donax, Beta vulgaris) and on the genetic characterisation and plant breeding improvement of the biofuel crop Jatropha curcas. The Trieste laboratory is equipped with a 6m2 walk-in plant grow chamber and a culture incubator.

Genetivclab srl contributes to WP4 (Forward genetics) performing invitro regeneration of different source tissue (immature inflorescences; young and expanding leaf blade and/or sheat; axillar buds) of mutagenized Arundo donax (collaboration with UNIBO). Mutagenized samples will be in-vitro and/or in-vivo propagated to obtain several clones per each of the mutagenized event for the field phenotypic evaluation. Genetivclab srl will perform a multi-year field phenotypic evaluation on yield and drought-related traits.  In the context of developing arundo in particular, the company will work closely with WP9 to shape the project and foster relevant commercial impact across Europe. 

Trebbi Daniele (PhD) has 15-years experience in plant molecular biology and molecular marker analysis. 2011 and leads the contribution to the project.  Pernigotto Lucia provides expertise in plant propagation and tissue culture in solid and liquid media.

A presentation from Genetilab to WATBIO is available here.