Donal Murphy-Bokern (DMB)

Dr Donal Murphy-Bokern is an independent self-employed agri-environmental scientist based near Bremen in Germany.  Most of his work is concerned with raising the impact of international research projects and programmes.  He has a background farming, research and the British Civil Service having been involved in the provision of research services to farm businesses (in the UK and Ireland), conducting research for evidence-based policy development (in the Germany) and the direction and funding of British public agricultural research programmes (in Defra).  

Donal Murphy-Bokern leads WP9 (Dissemination and impact) and contributes to WP8 (Education and training).  The overall purpose of his work is to embed the research users’ perspectives in the project as a foundation to securing the long term wider impact.  This includes developing a Communications and Delivery Strategy which contributes to the coordination and prioritisation of the research work and to optimising interactions with all stakeholders relevant to the delivery of impact from the project.  He coordinates the consortium’s communications activities, and monitors progress from an impact perspective to shape the project’s direction as results and opportunities emerge.