The National Research Council, Italy (CNR)

The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche or The National Research Council  (CNR) is the Italian Governmental Research Organisation and one of the European leading research institutions. The Institute for Plant Protection (IPP) aims to support the sustainable development of agriculture and forestry. Studies at IPP ranging from gene expression to populations and plant communities are aimed at developing better understanding of the physiology and ecology of plants, especially aimed at unravelling mechanisms of protection against environmental and biotic constraints, pollution, and climate change.  The Institute houses more than 40 permanent researchers and an outstanding suite of facilities in the CNR research areas of Firenze, Napoli, Bari and Torino, where IPP sections are located.

CNR carries out in-vivo measurements of water stress impacts on:  

  1. photosynthesis rates and photosynthesis limitations;
  2. plant/leaf water content by innovative NMR technologies;
  3. the isoprenoid-ABA signalling network and its control on NO-ROS stress signalling and elicitation of hypersensitive responses;
  4. and on membrane peroxidation and cell wall intactness. 


Dr Francesco Loreto leads the CNR contribution to WATBIO.  Other members of CNR group are Dr Mauro Centritto, an experienced ecophysiologist, Dr Massimiliano Tattini, who has outstanding expertise in biochemical analyses of stressed plants, and Dr Donatella Capitani who has mastered analytical chemistry particularly focusing on spectrometric and NMR techniques.