Alasia Franco Vivai Societa Semplice (Alasia)

Alasia has been involved in Populus nursery production since 1945 and is the only SME in Europe running a Populus breeding programme.  It has been running the programme since 1985.  Alasia has around 100 employees and contractors managing more than 200 ha of Populus and Arundo nursery in Italy.  The business development pipeline for the two strategic crops, Populus and Arundo, is very active with the company looking to expand to additional territories.  The company is also establishing research collaboration with public entities (CNR, University of Viterbo, University of Pisa, University of Pavia) and exploring potential commercial opportunities for these crops (Greenwood resources, USA; International Paper, USA; ENCE, Spain).  Alasia continues to build its intellectual property portfolio through in-house Populus and arundo research breeding programme.  Alasia is one of the biggest European companies involved in the production of plant material for energetic woody crops and its SRF Populus clones represent a major part of those planted in Europe.  The company currently own thousands of hybrid Populus genotypes that are under selection and registered clones for SRF. 

Alasia plays a major role in shaping the project from a commercial exploitation perspective and plays a major role in the delivery of impact from relevant exploitable outputs.  Alasia will contributes to WP3 by supplying putative ecotypes of Arundo donax collected across Europe for studying genetic variability.  It also contributes to WP4 by supplying Arundo germplasm for forward genetic studies. In addition, Alasia participates in the field analysis of Arundo and Populus in WP6.

Mr Franco Alasia leads the Alasia participation.  He is the owner of the Alasia and has experience in the selection of new Populus genotypes for biomass production and in market development of biomass for energy use.  Other members of Alasia group will be Mr Giuseppe Cavaglià, field operations manager, Mr Michele Marengo, who has outstanding expertise in breeding Populus and Populus and arundo experimental trial establishment and Mr Andrea Barban, international project development manager.


Alasia presentation to WATBIO