WATBIO partners

WATBIO is coordinated by Professor Gail Taylor at the University of Southampton, @taylorlabsoton,

The WATBIO project consortium brings together complementary scientific, technical and commercial experts that have worked for many years on biomass crop development.  This includes expertise in molecular biology and in fundamental plant science, in cellular mechanisms responsible for contrasting abilities of plants to tolerate drought, and cutting-edge skills and facilities in next generation sequencing.  The consortium also includes partners deeply involved in the commercial development of the three species and in providing supporting technical services.

In addition to sequencing technologies based on both DNA and RNA, the consortium has expertise in functional and structural genomics and genetics including construction of transgenic Populus and Miscanthus. These genetic and genomic skills are complemented by crop and sustainability field skills and interest in the agronomy and ecophysiological performance of novel bio-based non-food crops.

Partners come from eight EU countries: The United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece and The Netherlands.