WATBIO people and places

  • Dr Sarah Purdy speaking at the Miscanthus Safari in Aberystwyth (November 2014). Photo: D. Murphy-Bokern
  • Bioenergy crops at Aberystwyth
  • Herman Hoefte, Gail Taylor and Francois Tardieu, 3 April 2014 in Paris. Photo: D. Murphy-Bokern.
  • The IGATS team. Photo: Simone Scalabrin.
  • The WATBIO consortium members at the kick-off meeting in Southampton.
  • Michele Morgante (IGA Technology Services) at the Second Annual Consortium meeting in Venice (2014)
  • Poster viewing at the WATBIO second annual consortium meeting in Venice. Photo: D. Murphy-Bokern
  • Brusno in northern Poland. Landscape near Brusno in northern Poland with Franco Alasia-bred poplar in the distance. Photo: D. Murphy-Bokern
  • Franco Alasia on a visit to new poplar plantations at Brusno in northern Poland
  • Antoine Harfouche (University of Tuscia) on a visit to new poplar plantations at Brusno in northern Poland
  • Greewood Resources forester and plantation manager Piotr Prztarski showing the WATBIO team the plantations in Brusno in northern Poland.
  • Donal Murphy-Bokern, Grail Taylor, Antoine Harfouche and Franco Alasia in a six-month old poplar plantation at Brusno in northern Poland.
  • Mike Allwright taking field measurements for the GWAS of poplar. Photo: Hazel Smith
  • Prof. Gail Taylor, coordinator of WATBIO, in her laboratory in Southampton.
  • The young poplar trees at Savigliano in Italy. Photo: Franco Alasia.
  • Water use efficiency screening at Lancaster. Photo: Bill Davies
  • Meeting of the poplar core experiment team in Göttingen for the planning of the experimental work.