The WATBIO Science Advisory Group

The WATBIO Scientific Advisory Committee provides external scientific advice on our research approaches.  It is composed of leading international scientists who are associated with the project throughout its lifetime. Members of the committee will review project assess our work in line with their particular expertise and also to attend project meetings and workshops, particular our annual meeting.  The members are:

Professor Stephen Long
Energy Bioscience Institute, University of Urbana, Illinois, USA.
Deputy Director of the BP-funded Energy Bioscience Institute, of new crops. An expert in Miscanthus.

Dr Jerry Tuskan
Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.
Gerald A Tuskan leads the Laboratory Science Program, Joint Genome Institute. Expert in Populus as a bioenergy crop, association genetics and genomics, functional genomics.

Dr Serge Braconner
CIRAD, France
Coordinator of the FP7 project SWEETFUEL. The approach in the project is very similar to our approach in Arundo and will be valuable to WATBIO.

Dr Francois Tardieu
INRA, France.
Coordinator of the FP7 project DROPS which is focused on developing drought tolerant varieties of maize and other food crops.