WATBIO: developing drought-tolerant biomass crops for Europe

WATBIO is coordinated by Professor Gail Taylor at the University of Southampton, @taylorlabsoton,

Developing Sustainable Bioenergy Crops for Future Climates Bioenergy Genomics 2017

The Bioenergy Genomics 2017 organising committee would like to thank all of the meeting participants for contributing to the success of the meeting.

Welcome to the WATBIO project website.  WATBIO is a European Framework 7 funded collaborative research project focused on the genetic improvement of three perennial biomass crops: poplar, miscanthus and arundo.  The project started in November 2012.  

WATBIO is about finding and putting into practice science-based solutions to address one of modern agriculture’s great challenges: delivering non-food biomass without competing with food production while protecting already stretched water resources.  We need perennial crops that tolerate drought to efficiently produce biomass on land unsuited to food production.  

Over the course of the project and beyond, this website will provide a full account of the research project and its results.


Post-conference Miscanthus for Wales Event 2017: see here for details.  Further details under 'News'


If you are interested in the development of these crops and in following our work closely, you are welcome to join the WATBIO Interest Group.


The WATBIO project leaflet